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Recent events

Club Visit June 20, 2016
Visit to Bexhill Karate Kai 23rd June 8.00pm to 9.30 Victoria hall, Victoria Road,Bexhill, TN39 3PD ... [MORE]

A night for beginners at Chadwell Heath January 25, 2011
Our dojo in Chadwell Heath, Essex, recently organised a night for beginners that was very well attended. The evening gave newcomers a tast... [MORE]

November course and grading November 24, 2010
We held a successful half day course and grading at the Bexhill dojo on Sunday November 21st that was very well attended. Congratulatio... [MORE]

April 2010 day course and grading May 26, 2010
Here are some photographs of the successful day course and grading that took place in April at the Bexhill dojo. Congratulations to the following ... [MORE]

Mini-course at Bexhill dojo March 08, 2010
The club recently held a successful half day Aikido course at the Bexhill dojo, featuring both traditional Aikido and weapons training. The intent... [MORE]

Day course and grading pictures October 07, 2009
Here are a selection of photographs from the recent day course and grading session at the Bexhill dojo. Our thanks to Jason Meek.     ... [MORE]

Aikido day course and grading September 27, 2009
Course Subject: Irimi (Entering Techniques) with Atemi (Striking, Tanto (Knife) Disarming Techniques and Kaeshiwaza (countering) ... [MORE]

The Aikido Circle is an independent organisation that has been training people in this traditional martial art since the 1970s with dojos in the UK and overseas. It is registered with the British Aikido Board which is recognised by Sport England as the only governing body for Aikido in the United Kingdom.

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